Bacteria Shop is a small family-run business dedicated to providing Canadians with fast delivery of specific high-quality diet-related products for diets like the Weston A. Price diet, GAPS, SCD, and other non-grain and healing diets. We started to sell these products because we were using them for ourselves and realized they were hard to acquire in Canada.

We currently carry a wide range of Green Pasture products, namely Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO), Fermented Skate Liver Oil, Concentrated Butter Oil (CBO) and blended FCLO and CBO products.

We update our inventory often so that all our products are always the freshest possible. Our products are shipped from within Canada so you can always expect quick delivery with no surprises, there are never any extra costs. We pride ourselves on offering friendly and professional customer service.

For any information, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you!

Best of health to all,

Marge and Jan @ Bacteria Shop